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Olafsfjordur (The Wall)

$4,750.00 / Coming Soon

60" x 72"
Oil on canvas

I spent several months in the Northeastern Icelandic town, Ólafsfjörður, in 2016 for a residency program that focused on Sound. In addition to using that time away to work on new recordings, I took a Canon and followed the birds that inhabit the region of slate mountains and black beaches of the Eyjafjörður. In greater detail, these birds show up in a few other paintings in the portfolio. This painting is based on a photograph and was made to offer the feeling of being there, a small observer in that black terrain where the daily mist from the fjord obscures the mountains. Crows fly freely through the space and the viewer is limited by a man-made fence, or a "wall". That word alone became an issue of contention, incivility and unrest in the four years that followed. Video of this piece in an exhibition: https://youtu.be/xJBL5oz7eug

Price for sale: $4750.00

Finance to own for 12 months: $400/month (invoiced via Venmo or PayPal).
Finance to own for 18 months: $265/month (invoiced via Venmo or PayPal).

Price for loan: $1000 for 6 months, $100 for each month after. Not refundable.
Security deposit for the loan program: $500 (paid by Venmo or PayPal). Refundable

Hand-delivery is available within a 350 mile radius of the 11211 zip code. Covid-precautions are taken with arrangements made between artist and seller prior to delivery.

Shipping for this item will need to be quoted (Van or freight options available).